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Your trusted retail cleaning experts

Doncaster based Redbourne Cleaning Services Ltd is very experienced with retail cleaning, working with many well-known brands.

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Making people welcome in clean retail areas

Shopping is something we do a lot of and choosing where we shop is in part down to the prices of the items there, but also influenced by how clean they find the shop. No-one wants to return to a shop that doesn’t appear looked after, so to attract and keep customers, why not get in touch with us?


Redbourne Cleaning Services has a large team of trained clears who are used to keeping retail environment areas clean. They are very trustworthy and dedicated to their work, just the type of people you want working in your shop. We are based in Doncaster but operate nationally, providing our retail cleaning services at an interval which suits you. We work with smaller independent shops as well as major chains, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.

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Working with clients of all sizes

Whether you are an independent local high street shop or you are responsible for national outlets for well-known companies, we have the skills and experience to help. We have more than 40-years of experience, working over that time with shops including Tesco and Aldi.

We can help with

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Retail cleaning

Independent shops and major chain stores

Large team of qualified cleaning operatives

Excellent rates

Our cleaners are very thorough, so you can be confident they will leave a well-presented, clean and hygienic environment for your staff and shoppers alike

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Clean up your retail space

Daily Cleaning Equipment
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We will tailor the level of cleaning we offer to your specific requirements. Arrange a quotation for our retail cleaning services by calling Doncaster based Redbourne Cleaning Services Ltd on:

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