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Solar panels fixed on the rooftop of a house

Specialist solar panel cleaning services

Redbourne Cleaning Services Ltd is one of only a few companies in our local Doncaster area who provides solar panel cleaning services.

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Keeping your solar panels working as they should

With the increased awareness of environmental concerns, solar panels have become increasingly popular as a way of generating green energy. To keep solar panels functioning effectively, it is essential that they are kept clean so they can harness as much of the sun’s power as possible. You should never attempt to clean your own solar panels as there is always a risk of damage being caused to them as well as a risk of getting an electric shock. The best option is to choose a company like Redbourne Cleaning Services Ltd, one that is fully trained and has the correct equipment to carry out the job.

Solar panels on house
Solar panels

How we clean solar panels

To preservice their maximum output, manufacturers advise the regular cleaning of solar panels, especially before the onset of summer and winter. They do not recommend using harmful detergents or chemicals on them, instead they recommend using purified water. Here at Redbourne Cleaning Services Ltd we always use purified water, so we comply with their recommendations.

Redbourne Cleaning Services Ltd can help with:

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Solar panel cleaning

We use purified water as recommended

Specialist soft brushes

Our staff has all undergone the necessary training

We are fully insured

We have the necessary equipment to clean at high levels

Based in Doncaster, we work across our local areas as well as the wider areas of the UK depending on the size of the job.

Solar collector close up

Maintain your performance

Daily Cleaning Equipment
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Ensure your solar panels maintain their optimum performance with the help of our specialist solar panel cleaning. Call Doncaster based Redbourne Cleaning Services Ltd by calling us on:

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